Wednesday, 3 September 2014

A hard day at the apocalypse

Decor - [Con.] Jack's Bugout Shelter - New at Uber
Bear - <:*BoOgErS*:> Puddin' Bear RARE - Old Arcade item

Clothes left:
Hair -*ARGRACE* Saki - Baby Blonde (Marketplace)
Helmet - *COCO*_CombatHelmet_Khaki New at Uber
Top - ISON bralette - Khaki - (Marketplace)
Shorts - *COCO*_LayeringShorts_Flags New at Uber
Boots with socks - *COCO*_Lace-UpBoots_Black New at Uber
Knee pads - *COCO*_KneePads New at Uber

Clothes right - 
Hair - +Spellbound+ Forgotten // Blondes
Jumpsuit - [monso] My Jumpsuit - Khaki (Marketplace) New at Uber
Dog tags - (chest)[MANDALA]SHAMIRA DOG TAG necklace/Black
Hat- **DECO - MESH Her Fatigue Cap w/ponytail (wheat)**New at Uber
Canteen - 1A Pouches - Canteen - Olive (Marketplace)
Rucksack - DECO - MESH Survivalist Backpack

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